I've just had to fill in an online evaluation of all my uni subjects. I've been putting off evaluating my Latin class because of all the problems with my teacher (who also teaches another of my subjects, where she seems a totally different person and there is no problem). I want to be honest in the evaluation but also fair. It would be easy to be very negative - and there are things about which I'm very unhappy - but she's not always bad and I do accept that she's in a difficult position, having only moved to this country at the beginning of the year. Having read over what I wrote I think I may have been a bit harsh... but I'm finding the drop-out rate alarming - at least three people dropped out after census date which means their academic record will show the subject as 'incomplete' and they'll still have to pay for the subject. I fear the department will dry up and die if something is not done. I did try to be fair and I noted the areas where I thought she was good... but I wanted to be clear about my concerns also.

I also did the evaluation for the cultural subject she teaches and that feedback was entirely positive. She's really great in that subject and I think that's where her talents should be used! Oh dear, it's all rather worrying. I want to do Honours next year and I'm tossing around the idea of postgrad study but at this rate I'll have to change universities to do it. I hope the university gets its act together and does something about this situation.


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