More Latin woes

Okay, this is getting ridiculous now. Two more people in my class have decided not to continue with Latin next semester. Both of them are doing Classics as a major so they're running around at the moment trying to work out how they can complete the requirements for the major without Latin. I asked them if they'd still be dropping the subject if either of their two previous Latin teachers were taking the subject and they both replied with a very definite 'no'.

When I was talking earlier about the Classics department drying up and dying I was thinking of a vague future date, but now I wonder if it will last more than another year. I'm not quite sure what to do... I could talk to the School Manager but I don't know her and thus I'm not sure whether she'll over-react and assume I'm making a formal complaint. I don't have grounds for a complaint but I certainly have concerns. Hmmm... I'll have to think about it for a bit.


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