A real author

A friend of mine has just had a book published.. with two more signed up and to be published in the next couple of years. In keeping with my vow to make this an anonymous blog I'm resisting the urge to name him but I have a feeling his name will soon become familiar to many.

I'm just so happy about the whole thing. Part of it is that I know a real, live author (!) but the rest is because he has worked so hard on this for many years. It's really been his life - well, apart from Jesus and now his fiance too, but you get the idea. He is absolutely passionate about this world he's created; evidenced by the fact that he did it with no real intention of having it published. How satisfying to spend so many years on something and then see the fruit of it actually IN your hands. The closest I've ever come to that is knitting a jumper or two... satisfying, but not quite the same thing!

So (not that you'll ever read this), I wish you the very best, my friend, and I'm praying that you and your soon-to-be wife will remain strong in the Lord.


adam said...

in the words of matthew reilly, never underestimate the value of your encouragement to a writer. i'm sure your friend (about whom i hope you will tell me, and why i should read their forthcoming publication) is already much encouraged by your interest and friendship! (this one has been! :) )

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