Christian love?

For various reasons (mainly uni workload) I haven't been to church for about six weeks. I have been attending Bible talks and Bible study at uni, so I've still been getting Bible teaching etc. What concerns me, however, is that no one at church has bothered to contact me in that whole time to check whether I'm still alive. Or whether I've fallen away, for that matter. It's tremendously disappointing - I've been a part of that church for over two years now and apparently I still don't have friends there, just people who are friendly. No, that's not true. There is a family who have been good friends to me, and they knew why I wasn't at church. Other than that, though... I'm not sure anyone even noticed that I wasn't there. I'm quite hurt by it and as a result I'm not all that keen to return to the church. Obviously I need to go somewhere, and the Bible teaching there is excellent, but still... the way I'm feeling at the moment it would take very little to make me leave. And I'm a stable, committed Christian - what about people who aren't? Would they find another church or would they just fall through the cracks? Or what if I wasn't the stable person I appear? It's astonishing - and very sad - that people can't manage simple care and concern. It's something I would have expected to be pretty standard. Apparently not.


adam said...

well, however you're feeling down there, be assured there are people who love you and who are praying for you, even is there's not there at the same church as you (for the time being! lol)

femina said...

Thanks, dude!

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