I've just withdrawn from my Latin class and enrolled in an Archaeology subject. It turns out I need to do a language next year but I don't need to do two. The area I'd like to research for my Honours thesis is Greek-based anyway so there's no need for me to continue with Latin.

The sense of relief I'm feeling right now is enormous. I knew I wasn't enjoying Latin but I didn't realise how much of a burden it had become. Oh yes, and on top of all the stuff from last semester I've also been involved in a grade dispute. It was resolved in my favour, resulting in me (and the rest of the class) getting nine additional marks for last semester. That pushes many people over from a D to an HD, so everyone is happy... except, of course, my teacher, who got into trouble for having stuffed them up in the first place.

Now to e-mail my Latin teacher and tell her. She can't do anything about it, of course, but she has already advised me against it so she won't be happy. She basically told me I wouldn't get a job if I didn't have a good knowledge of two ancient languages... but that assertion is not supported by the Classicists with whom I've had contact. Most have a good knowledge of one language and a very rudimentary knowledge of another.

Anyway... I still feel great about my decision. This semester should be much happier than the last one!


adam said...

good on you! how you feel about what you're doing has such a huge effect on how you do what you're doing, so i'll be praying for you that your new subject gets you fired up and interested!

i'm glad my friend is happy. :)

femina said...

Heh - as I said to someone else, I could be studying A Concise History of the Art of Macrame and it would STILL be less stressful and more enjoyable than Latin has been this year!

Thanks for your good wishes...

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