Church stuff

Okay, so I've had three Sundays at the 'new' church and I've just started going back to the 'old' church. What are my impressions?

Hmmm... well, it's probably still a bit early to say. At this stage it seems the teaching is better at OldChurch but I think the people may be friendlier and more welcoming at NewChurch. To be honest I'm feeling quite hurt at being so neglected by the people at OldChurch and thus I'm still somewhat resentful - this makes it hard for me to compare the two churches fairly. My decision at the moment is that I will not make a decision about anything until the end of the year. I'll keep going along to both and then decide whether to drop one... it may well turn out that I stick with two. That makes things difficult with Bible study though, and with church membership, although actually I've never changed my membership from my previous church interstate. I'm not emotionally ready to do that yet... the people there are family to me and, given my current loneliness at this church, I would really feel like an orphan if I withdrew my membership. Silly, perhaps, but feelings are not necessarily logical.

So I guess the verdict is: so far, so good, and a suspended sentence.


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