Fun and games

I visited some friends last night for dinner (pizza, as they moved house three days ago and haven't unpacked yet). After dinner we played a game called The Settlers of Catan. I do love board games and this one was great... a bit competitive but not cut-throat (although in different company it could have been), some strategy, the ability to come back from last place, the ending not a foregone conclusion... it was loads of fun. My (soon to be) new housemate was there and he said he owns the game too so we'll be able to invite people over to play - yay!

I'm looking forward to moving to the new house and being able to have people over... although I need to remind myself that I am supposed to be studying and this is an important year. I keep thinking "great, I can invite X and Y and maybe Z too, and another time have a barbecue and... oh wait, this isn't one long party... !!" This year I barely emerged from my study except to get more books and growl at people; why should next year be any different??


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