I'm oooooold!

After church this morning someone invited me to dinner at her home. She said, "We're having a dinner for all the middle-aged people at church. Would you like to come?" I'm sure she meant, "We're inviting all the people who are roughly our age and have something in common with us" but I was a bit taken aback, to say the least. I'm 36... I suppose if I die at 72 then I'm middle-aged but that's the first time anyone has ever applied the phrase to me. Gah... how depressing. I've entered a new era.


heelers said...

Pleased to find your blog tonight. Refreshing reading.
You're not middle aged.
Liked the quote down below about the Lord's coming so that we might be without blemish before God.
I've shed no tears for Saddam. I think he's where he's meant to be.
And your jokes are kind of cute.
Best wishes from Ireland.

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