Moving on

I have finally come to a decision about church, and shall be leaving Church1 and staying with Church2 full time in a couple of weeks. It's been a difficult decision in a number of ways. I've been at Church1 for three years and although I haven't felt a real sense of fellowship, and have felt very neglected at times, I do have some friends there. Also, I've agonised over whether I should stay and try to change things rather than leaving and letting the same situation continue.

I suppose in a way leaving is a selfish decision, because I'm moving to a church that meets my social needs. However, it's not just my social needs that have suffered in the last three years. I haven't had anyone to whom I'm accountable; I've had no one to pray with; I've had no one to ask me how I'm going with reading the Bible... and I've really missed these things. Not only have I missed them, but the total lack of accountability has made me completely slack (which is, of course, why accountability is so important), so my Christian walk has suffered. NOT, I hasten to add, that I hold anyone responsible for that except me, but I know myself and I know that it helps me to be accountable and to pray and read the Bible with people.

Anyway, I've made my decision now and I'll be talking to the evening service minister tonight to let him know why I'm leaving, then I'll tell a few other people privately, and make next week my last Sunday there. It's a bit of a scary step to take but I feel good about it.


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