Pennies from heaven

Anyone who's ever been a student can tell you that worrying about money can become all-consuming after a while. The worry is almost always there, in varying degrees as the income/expenditure ratio ebbs and flows. For me, the expenditure side of the scale has been pretty heavy lately, what with moving house, paying rego and a few other things, so I've been wondering whether I should defer uni for a year in order to build up my savings a bit. I am not really keen to do that, however, and I can live on my current income, but it means I have to live pretty tight, and I can't buy a new computer for a while (and believe me, that's totally necessary - this machine is dying a painful death and I fear it will gasp out its last breath while I'm halfway through my thesis).

Anyway, last week I was around visiting a couple from church. When I walked in, the wife-half of this couple said, "Hey, we have a friend who needs a cleaner and I thought of you - would you be interested?" A bit later on we were chatting about the cost of parking at uni (it's just gone up by a ridiculous amount) and she said, "It's half-hour parking outside our house, but we have visitor permits that allow you to park there all day when you display them on your dashboard. We'll tell you where we keep them and you can park here free every day." (They live three streets away from uni - an easy walk.) As if this were not enough, then my Dad rang on my mobile and said, "Your mother and I have been worried that your computer will break down completely halfway through this year, so we've decided to buy you a laptop. Pick the one you want and we'll send you the money." So in one evening I gained $35/week in cleaning, saved $20/week in parking and got a new computer! I couldn't believe it - I kept thinking, "Wow - maybe I should buy a lottery ticket now!" Somehow, though, I think God might have drawn the line there...


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