Shout-out to a famous poet

10 points* if you can name the poet... a further 10 points if you can name the poem I've ripped off here.

(*Disclaimer: the only thing you get for your points is the satisfaction of knowing you were right. Isn't that reward enough?)

O Tell Me The Truth About God

Some say God's a distant king
And some say he is here.
Some say he reigns in truth and love
And some say we should fear;
And when I asked the preacher-man
To tell me of the Lord
He stared at me in silence
And looked like he was bored.

Does he look like the sky in the morning?
Or a traffic jam on the road?
Will he speak to me while I'm yawning?
Will he help me carry my load?
Is he rough and spiky with anger?
Or will he smile and nod?
Does he live in an aeroplane hangar?
O tell me the truth about God.

The internet has sites on him
For anyone who looks.
His name appears quite often in
A multitude of books.
Some say he is dead and gone
With the confidence of youth;
Other people speak of him
As if they have the truth.

Does he cry and scream in frustration?
Does he speak to us in vain?
Does he take a yearly vacation
To Paris or to Spain?
Does he shop at the local grocer?
Does he prefer haddock or cod?
Will he truly let me come closer?
O tell me the truth about God.

I looked into a meeting hall;
I didn't see him there.
I tried to find him at the mall;
I tried the open air.
I don't know what the poets write
Or what the songs will say.
I thought I heard him in the night,
But wasn't sure by day.

Does he look into our faces?
Does he know what the future will bring?
Is he there in the darkest places?
Does he hear me when I sing?
Does he want me to give him my money?
Will I face a firing squad?
Does he think that my jokes are funny?
O tell me the truth about God.

When he comes, will he come without warning
As I'm mopping the kitchen floor?
Will he knock on my door in the morning
As I'm rushing out to the store?
Will he come like a change in the weather?
Will he think I'm pointless and odd?
Will he change my life altogether?
O tell me the truth about God.


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