Feline tendencies

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend, attempting to organise a couple of things we need to do. In the middle of the e-mail she wrote something along the lines of "you are dear to us and we feel blessed that you're in our lives". (That's 'us' as in her family, not as in the Queen Victoria usage of the first person plural.) The comment was unrelated to the other stuff in the e-mail; just a nice thing to say. I'd been having an okay day anyway but that made it a really good day - I had a warm glow for the rest of the afternoon! Which made me think... I'm just like a cat - all it takes is one little pat on the head and I start purring. It was something so simple, too... so maybe it's a good idea to let people know we appreciate them. It doesn't have to be roses and chocolates (although who needs a special occasion to eat chocolate??); just a little note or e-mail can brighten someone's day. Why not try it yourself?


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