Yesterday I went for a job interview and this morning they rang and offered it to me. Hurrah! Actually I already knew because they rang my referees and told them they were planning to offer me the job... so of course one of them immediately e-mailled me and said, "I have good news about your job." To which I replied, "I think that's actually a breach of privacy legislation... but yay!"

It's a church secretary position - one of those catch-all jobs that's perfect for someone like me who loves to organise things and bring order to chaos. It sounds like I'll have a number (a large number) of regular tasks each week/fortnight but a fair bit of autonomy as to how they are done. I'm looking forward to starting... okay, I admit, I'm mostly looking forward to having a regular - and quite decent - income. Nothing like what I was earning in the old days, but about double what I get from Austudy so I'm definitely ahead. I'll keep at least two of my cleaning jobs but may have to negotiate the others. I'm not sure it's feasible to keep all of them, but if I drop one of the fortnightly ones that leaves me with two per week (three clients, two of them fortnightly and one weekly). I'd like to keep them up, partly because all three of them are friends from church and I know that the cleaning is a big help to them, and partly because I don't want to drop all my cleaning jobs and have the church secretary job fall through unexpectedly in two months. I'll try it this way for a month or two and see how it goes.

My only small concern is that I'll have less time for doing uni work, although the way I'll probably organise my hours means I'll have one full day and two half days free, as well as evenings and weekends. It will mean being more disciplined, and that's a bit of a worry given what my concentration and energy levels have been like. However, I'm hoping that having less time might motivate me to work more efficiently in the time I have. My iron levels are better and that has given me a bit more energy, but I'm still sleeping quite badly and still having some pretty bad days emotionally. However, I feel like I'm moving uphill, albeit very slowly and not without pain and effort, so I think this will be good, ultimately. If nothing else, having a regular job will give me a reason to get out of bed, and organisation/admin tasks will be good for my brain.

I'm constantly amazed at God's sense of timing. I was looking for a job a couple of months ago and really hoping that I would find a church admin type position somewhere. I ended up being very discouraged because nothing was available, but in hindsight I realise I just didn't have the physical or emotional energy for a regular job. I really needed those few extra weeks to get a bit healthier and to start to see some benefit in counselling. This last counselling session was the first one where I felt like it might actually be helpful, not just painful, and the first time that I felt like I could eventually feel better... and was offered this job two days later. This is not to suggest that everything is fixed now, but I can see the way God knows the best timing for things. This is both an answer to prayer and a reason for prayer - praise God!


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