Women's friendships

Obviously I can only speak about this as a woman, but I think there's something special about friendships between women. I have many female friends who are married, yet they all have close friendships with other women and seem to find them immensely valuable. Not more so than their marriages, obviously, but they're different.

I have friendships with many people - men, women, couples, singles - and I enjoy spending time with all of them, but it's the time spent alone with other women that's most valuable to me. I'm not even sure exactly what it is... is it the shared experiences? Is it the similarity in the things we think or the way we think them? I'm not sure, but I know that when I spend time with my female friends I usually leave feeling refreshed and strengthened.

When I lived in my home state I had a good network of women friends, and I'm slowly building that here but it's taking some time; and it's something I miss very much. Recently some friends went away for the weekend with other women (this is something they do every year) and I was somewhat jealous when they told me about it. Not jealous of their particular weekend, and not desiring to go to that, but jealous because it's something I used to do with my friends back home, and haven't done for a number of years now. Well, maybe jealous isn't the right word... but it stirred up some feelings of loss. I've managed to reproduce many things from home, here in this new home, but there's still a bit of a hole where that network used to be and I'm finding things quite lonely and empty without it.


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