I gave notice on my rental house a couple of weeks ago and will be moving into my new place on Wednesday. However, as we were paid up to the end of February I gave notice up until then, which means we have the keys and are technically still the tenants, even if we're not actually sleeping here (my housemate will be moving out on Saturday).

Regardless of when we move, we're still the legal tenants until 29 February and we are still supposed to enjoy all the rights of tenants. My landlady either has no idea of our rights (likely) or doesn't care (also likely). She has been around here about 10 times, and has only given advance notice twice. I woke up the other morning to find someone tapping on the wall outside my bedroom window - she had a painter here and he was checking whether the wood had rotted. When I went outside she said, "Oh, hello" as though it were perfectly okay, then asked if she could show him inside. She expressed some surprise that I was home (it was a weekday), which leads me to suspect that she had intended to show him in without me even knowing. Today I saw her husband walk up the driveway and start ripping bits of wood off the side of the house. I walked out and said hello - somewhat coldly, I admit - and he said, "Do you remember me?" I said, "Yes, but I didn't receive any notice that you'd be coming." He said, "I didn't know you required notice." Then his wife walked up and said, "Oh hi - sorry, I didn't think you'd be home." She has no clue that it's illegal for her to enter the property without notice - whether I'm home or not. She's just so money-hungry that she doesn't want to miss a day's rent, so she is trying to get all the repairs done while we're still here.

I'm letting it go because I want to get my bond back, but still I'm so annoyed about it. When they arrive I don't feel like I can leave because I'm so convinced they're going to be coming inside the house. She's also organised painters and other workmen to come and do stuff next week - she hasn't bothered to confirm with me when that will be, and suggested that it might be inconvenient for me to have a removalist here on Wednesday if there are tradesmen here who will want to use the driveway! Mate... such cheek.


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