Not fun: having the pilot light on the heater go out... and discovering this at 11.30pm. After some searching online I managed to find the instructions to relight the stupid thing (despite the fact that it supposedly has an automatic relight function). After 45 minutes outside in the cold fiddling around with it - the instructions were vague at best - it's still just making that 'tick tick tick, I'm trying to relight' sound... but not actually relighting. That's just super, given that it's going to be 16 degrees tomorrow. I've turned the whole thing off at the power point and shall make a call in the morning. Hmph.

Edit: Well, the so-called help desk was singularly unhelpful and suggested booking a service call ($175 just to come out here and they couldn't come until tomorrow). I said not to worry about it and I went outside to try again. Finally I accidentally managed to relight it - accidentally because I tried pushing down a button that neither the instructions nor the help desk told me about. That was, as it turns out, the vital step I'd been missing. Phew! Quite aside from the fact that I don't have $175 to spare, I would have felt like an idiot booking a service call only to have him do what I just did.


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