I think I've forgotten how to read

Obviously I haven't forgotten how to decipher the written word, but somewhere along the way I seem to have lost the art of relaxing with a book. Is evil, evil television the culprit? Well, perhaps, but I think it's more likely related to the fact that I spent nearly four years as a full time uni student. I had so much other reading to do that reading for pleasure got shoved aside. Even when I managed to read a novel it was mostly because I had an English class about it that week. Any reading I did apart from that was almost always 'naughty' reading - relax, I don't mean I read porn (and shame on you for thinking that!); I mean I read novels or other books when I was supposed to be reading journal articles or writing papers instead... so I have come to see relaxing with a book as a wasteful activity. Which is a real shame and one I intend to remedy. I need to learn how to read again.


D.M. Cornish said...

This would not have anything to do with reading Lamplighter would it? (and please excuse my egocentricity here...)

Is the guilt of taking time out for peace and pleasure and Godly thing or a worldly thing do you think? That whole "it is not making money or saving souls so it can't be of any value" kind of thinking...?

femina said...

Heh heh - no, NOT because of Lamplighter! I think initially it was guilt that I was meant to be doing other things (uni work etc) and now I'm just out of the habit. I wouldn't have thought that was possible, but apparently it is.

monday said...

I know how you feel. slike you can't just fall into anything anymore with all the distractions around.

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