The truth and the way (a monologue)

I remember the days when we were sure about truth, and we could stand proud on it. Although perhaps we were a little too proud, like they say. After all, where does that leave that very nice Hindu couple downstairs? And what about old Mrs Whatsit up at number 28? She claims to be an atheist... although still puts up fairy lights, regular as rain come beginning of December. The local kiddies love them. Well, we couldn't leave her out when it comes to truth being revealed and the dead rising.

Oh, there are still some areas where we wouldn't want to budge. God exists; we're sure on that one. And Jesus... of course, he's nice enough but you must admit he does say some awkward things. All that 'love your enemies' stuff - he never had to deal with the woman in front of me today taking 23 items through the express lane, did he? As for the rest... well, he doesn't actually use the word 'only', as in "I am the only truth", so I reckon those folks are right when they say he really meant "I am a truth". They've done the study, after all; I'm sure they know what they're talking about. It doesn't mean it's not true; it's just a more enlightened understanding of what true means. I guess it's a good thing, really, this modern understanding. I'm as modern as your next person... it wouldn't do to be left behind, would it?

Of course, I do question it all sometimes. I suppose it just shows that I'm not far enough along the path yet. I asked the local chap - young and earnest, big ears, slightly nervous around the suddenly helpful unmarried lasses - and he said that I needed to understand that there is no absolute truth; there are many truths. Something might be true for me but it isn't necessarily true for the other person. Taking this view, he says, means that we're no longer excluding anyone and we're making God's love accessible to everyone. Progressive thinking, he says. I suppose he's right. I do want everyone to know God's love. And of course I don't want people to miss out on the whole eternity-in-paradise bit. Well, who would? So it looks like this is the way forward now.


You know, it's really funny how it all changes over time... because I remember there used to be another Way. The Way.



I suppose I'm just silly and old-fashioned...


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