Hanging out

I spent the evening hanging out with friends tonight. Nothing special and nothing pre-organised, particularly - they sent me a message this afternoon to ask if I wanted to come over for dinner and a DVD. I brought my knitting to do while watching the DVD, if that gives you any indication of the informality of our friendship.

I see these friends twice a week at least, since we attend the same church and we're part of the same home group, and I eat lunch with them most Sundays after church at the local shopping centre. Still, there's something special about being invited into someone's home and family, no matter how casual the invitation. I used to have a regular dinner with them weekly or fortnightly last year but not this year because their lives got quite a bit busier... and I realised tonight how much I've missed it. Our friendship hasn't changed but somehow I haven't felt quite so much part of the family as I did last year.

So, it was nice to have that again tonight. It was a happy evening. God is good.


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