Platinum is before gold

Last night my phone rang at 6.30. I answered it resignedly, expecting to hear a long pause and an Indian accent. To my surprise I heard a very excited 6-year-old voice saying (without taking a breath), "Hello Aunty [femina]! Did you know that platinum is even before gold?!? Gold isn't the best - platinum comes first!! I didn't know!!!" (Yes, I need that many exclamation marks to get close to his excited tone.) After attempting to glean pertinent points from the excited babbling I worked out that my nephew in Sydney had been playing a computer tennis game and has just beaten his previous (gold-medal-winning) score, so the game awarded him a platinum medal. He hadn't realised the platinum medal even existed so he was excited about that discovery AND excited about his new high score.

There was a lot of excitement.

He's also in rehearsals for the school musical. The whole school is in it so I think it's actually several different performances, one from each grade, with a whole school thing at the end. I'm not sure, really, but he said he was in the Kinder song (that's Prep for you Melbourne people), plus the whole school song, plus he has one line ("The garden is looking lovely, your majesty.") There are three performances on the same day - 10am, 5pm and 7pm. I reckon by the 7pm one half the kids will be asleep and the other half will be so over-excited that they won't sleep for the next three days. Lucky parents!

It was nice to hear from him. Living away from family isn't so bad when my nephews are old enough to remember me and have a conversation. As much as I love my littlest nephew, I don't love the phone conversations where he heavy-breathes into the phone because he hasn't worked out you're supposed to talk into it as well as listen. Mind you, he's 3 1/2 now and a bit of a chatterbox so I might have better luck next time we attempt a phone conversation.

Sigh. I love living here but I'm conscious of the things I'm missing.


Louisa said...

just letting you know I hear can be really tough sometimes!

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