Stairway to heaven

I saw an ad on the Facebook sidebar tonight for something called "Stairway to Heaven". I have no clue what it advertised, but the tag line was "Create your own reality and learn to accept life as it is".

Maybe I just overthink these things but those statements would appear to be mutually exclusive.


Louisa said...

chuckle, chuckle, chuckle...

the cakes looked awesome by the way and just in case you're looking for something to birthday's in march ;) ha ha!

femina said...

I'll keep that in mind... and loan you my copy of the Women's Weekly Kids' Party Cake book so you can choose one! My birthday is the next one up in my home group and I'm not making my own cake, but I think everyone else is a bit nervous about making me one. Apparently I set the bar a bit high! :)

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