Predictive gobbledegook

I have a friend who doesn't like using predictive text on her phone - well, she doesn't mind it but she usually doesn't bother to change it when the phone chooses the wrong word.  She also types messages in a hurry and doesn't read over them so often it's a bit of a puzzle to work out what she's said.  Her new mobile has the ability to use a little keyboard rather than the number pad... she claims this will make her messages more intelligible.  Well, you decide - today's message said, in part, "have you got a date in mins for xwlebratong?"

Can't get it?  It was supposed to read, "have you got a date in mind for celebrating?"  I'm used to her messages being hard to understand but that one is a winner.


Joce said...

Ha, ha... I get annoyed when people abbreviate every important word... so "what are your plans for the weekend?" become "wt r ur plns 4 wknd" can get quite incomprehensible!
I love your blog :D

femina said...

Oh yeah, it's like personalised number plates where they've tried to condense a whole phrase to six characters. I spend far too long trying to work them out; I'm sure I'll have an accident one day. Perhaps these people need to realise that w-a-n-k-e-r and t-o-s-s-e-r are also six letters...

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