Veges ahoy!

I've finally finished planting my vege garden. I use the term 'garden' fairly loosely - I rent and have no back garden to speak of so I've had to plant in pots. It's a ridiculously expensive way of doing it since I had to buy lots of potting mix and of course all the pots. It would probably be cheaper to buy my salads and not bother growing anything but I don't care - gardening is fun, even on a teeny scale.

Here is a pic of the whole thing. Yeah, it's small, but I live alone so there's actually more there than I can eat. From the foreground to the far end we have cos lettuce and iceberg lettuce (with marigolds to keep down the bugs), then a herb pot with spring onions, chives and basil, some yellow capsicums, chilli, mini red capsicums, apple cucumbers (the little, round, white ones), grape tomatoes, some more lettuce, strawberries and snow peas.
And look! My capsicums are pregnant! So are the tomatoes but the picture was blurry.

Fingers crossed they'll live long enough to harvest. :) It's very satisfying, anyway... which is a surprise to me because I've never been interested in gardening before. I'm sure if this process had involved digging and spading (is that a word?) I would have lost interest a lot earlier.


Hippomanic Jen said...

Have I got a holiday for you!

Would you like to visit sunny Queensland?

Would you like to put names to some of the faces you know from blog-land?

Would you like free accomodation in a quiet regional town?

All you need to do is bring your spade and your green thumbs.

Garden looks great. I hope you'll find it incredibly satisfying to watch them grow and then gorge on them.

Femina said...



Yes, definitely!


Noooo... didn't I say no spades?? :) As for the green thumbs, please bear in mind that many of those plants I bought TODAY. I didn't start from seeds. Check back with me in a month and see how many are still alive. There was some spinach earlier but it didn't take off so I ripped it out and replaced it with something else. It's tough love in my garden.

Givinya De Elba said...

Loved your pregnant capsicums! May they live out their confinements in safety and health.

Femina said...

Thank you! I'm not sure if it makes me a mother or a grandmother... although either way it means I'm eating my own young, so perhaps I shouldn't pursue that line of thought.

I haven't shopped in a little while so my fridge is almost empty. With all those budding salads growing in my backyard I feel a bit ripped off that I still need to buy salad vegetables, but the veges wouldn't co-operate when I went out there this afternoon and suggested they could grow a bit faster, so I guess I'll still need to shop a few more times. :)

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