Baby photos (edible)

Well, you asked for it. Here they are:

This is a comparison shot of the photo from three weeks ago and a photo taken this morning.

The capsicum isn't doing well but everything else is thriving. Here are some individual shots:

Snow peas - no fruit on them yet

Lettuce - wiggly ones are iceberg; the others are cos

Cucumbers - you can't see it but they're flowering so there'll be fruit soon

Grape tomatoes - there are loads of tomatoes under all the leaves.

Spring onions on the left, chillies at the back, chives at the front and basil on the right.

It's only a small garden and in truth I can't take credit for much of it since they are thriving just by being outside - this is what plants do, after all - but still it is deeply satisfying to watch my little garden growing and changing; and to know that it's producing things that will feed me. It's somehow primal.


Givinya De Elba said...

Wow, that's great. I'm nearly inspired to start growing some things here! But the weather is so hot and dry that things tend to die pretty quickly in the summertime. Maybe in my new house in a few months time? The weather is a lot cooler and wetter up there.

Femina said...

That might help you to bond with the new place a bit.

Hippomanic Jen said...

You children do appear to be very well grown.

Crazy Sister said...

I wish that was MY garden.

Femina said...

@ Crazy Sister: You couldn't have this garden - you let people graze (but not eat dirt). It would never last..

Swift Jan said...

Good on you!! They look wonderful

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