Behold the Hunter Gatherer

This is a Caesar Salad.

But wait - it's not just any Caesar Salad. It's a Caesar Salad made with cos lettuce grown in my vege garden. Woot!


Givinya De Elba said...

Woot! Sticking it up the possums! (Sorry, that wasn't a very delicate thing to say.)

Femina said...

Ha! Indelicate, but appropriate. The possums were never keen on the lettuce. They prefer the tasty things like cucumber and tomato... and if they can get through the netting now they deserve to have them! I went a bit overboard trying to block off every possible entry point.

I had three of my baby tomatoes in a salad yesterday (they were delicious) and picked a lone snow pea this morning but I decided to show some restraint with the picture taking.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Eating your own produce. Wow!

I nearly killed my chives and parsley by forgetting to water them before I went away. oops.

Umm. Dare I suggest caesar salad with fresh grilled possum? Oh, that's right, they're protected. Silly me.

Femina said...

If the possum were mysteriously electrocuted I wouldn't even need to cook it....

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