Dear rodents: listen up!

Dear rodents,

I think I have been more than fair. I put a net around my garden. You found a way in. I smeared smelly goo all over the place (including a pair of trousers which may never be the same again) to discourage you without harming you. I have resisted building a duck blind and sitting out there all night with a rifle. All I wanted was for you to go away.

I have played fair, but you have not. The tomato and cucumber you ate last night were not just a tomato and a cucumber. They were the final straw. I hope you enjoyed them, because now I've had it with playing fair.

Today I'm buying Ratsak. It won't be pretty and I don't care.

Playtime is over. You have been warned.



Swift Jan said...

Alls fair in love & war hehe

Hippomanic Jen said...

We could lend you the LBD. No? I hope they go away.

Femina said...

It should give you an indication of my level of desperation if I tell you that I would quite happily borrow the LBD. At this point I would even borrow the Big Black Dog... although I have since learned that she came from the pound and had been abused in puppyhood, so she is a huge coward; and is particularly afraid of people she doesn't know.... and plastic bags. I don't know how she feels about possums.

The rat bait tells me not to use it outside, but I think that's to stop birds and native animals eating it. If I leave it under the netting (where, apparently, only mice and/or rats can get through) then I should be okay. At this point I'm not sure I care.

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL. I love the rodent wars.

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