Nothing to see here

I don't have anything particular to say and I don't feel much like blogging for the moment but I thought I'd send a postcard to let you know I'm still alive and well in Blogland.



Melissa... said...

Glad to know you're still around.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

lol. glad the weather is still fine.

hope you aren't bottling anything up!!???

How your evap cooler going?

Femina said...

Wow LDHBE - your comment appeared about 3 seconds after I logged in to Blogger. Are you stalking me??? **frantically searches her house for hidden nannycam**

Hmmm... don't think I'm bottling things up as such. My counsellor gave me homework. Homework! Actually she does that a lot... anyway it's taken up a lot of brain space and there hasn't been much left for blogging.

The evap cooler is still great although it hasn't been that hot so I've mostly used it as a fan, not a cooler. I'm still in love with it. :)

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Yep I am long distant stalking you :)

Ooh homework would eat into blogging time.

Glad the love affair with the cooler is continuing.

Happy with the book postage stuff - email me when you want me to send them to you.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I need to do this same thing at my place - busy week.

Glad everything is okay at your end.

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