Cause and effect

I'm no scientist, but I think it works like this:

Cause: Tell a couple of friends that since buying the enormous cat tree I haven't caught Sophie sleeping on the dining table (where she's not allowed).
Effect: Come home immediately after this conversation and find Sophie sleeping on the dining table (where she's not allowed).

Cause: Think about posting on my blog about my cat jumping up onto surfaces where she's not allowed.
Effect: Whilst still mulling this over in my mind, walk into bathroom to find that cat has snuck in and is now sitting demurely on vanity unit (where, of course, she's not allowed....)

Just in case I have somehow developed superhero powers that enable my thoughts to become reality, I am now thinking about winning the lottery, stopping global warming, being thin and possibly a bit taller, making low cost housing available to all and having Cadbury Creme Eggs in shops all year round. I'll let you know how it goes.



Hippomanic Jen said...

He, he, he - Ah, would you mind doing a few requests for me while you're at it?

Hippomanic Jen said...

Blogger ate my second (very witty) comment. I can safely say that because it is gone forever and no-one can argue with me.

Femina said...

I wouldn't dare argue with you...

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