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I decided it was time to do a bit of a catch-up post since I haven't blogged in a while, but I'm having trouble remembering exactly what I've been doing that has got in the way of blogging. I know there's been stuff. Important stuff. It kept me busy. Really. I just can't seem to remember any of it.

Work has been a bit better. Things are still hard but the staff team is starting to regroup and life goes on. On Monday a lovely parishioner came in with cupcakes for the staff team and on Friday another parishioner arrived with flowers for me and for the woman who volunteers in the office on Friday. In both cases it was because they thought we might be feeling a bit stressed and sad. I've tried to institute a new rule that anyone who comes into the church office must bring flowers or food but that idea doesn't seem to be taking off.

On Saturday I went to my church's musicians' camp (ie, the church I attend, not the one where I work). The fact that I went to the camp is more hilarious than it sounds given that I couldn't hit a recognisable note with a gun to my head (although really, who could?) and I can't seem to manage the multi-tasking required to sing and clap at the same time. However, I support the music pastor and music team by doing their admin stuff so they kindly invited me to the camp. I only went for a few hours but heard two sensational talks about praise - why God is worthy of praise and how we can praise him. The speaker pointed out that we don't actually need to use the word 'praise' in order to praise God. Good point ... there are many, many songs that enthusiastically declare (over and over and over) "we want to praise you, God" but never get around to the actual... praising God part. Reminds me of a friend who used to say to people, "I want to encourage you." And that was it; his entire method of 'encouragement' was that sentence. Whenever he said it to me I'd say, "Okay... fire away then. Encourage me." Unfortunately my sarcasm was lost on him.

Counselling has been mostly focussed on what's happening at work which is annoying in some ways but a good break in others. It was getting a bit intense for a while so diverting my attention to something else might not have been a bad thing. On the other hand, though, there have been a few moments of thinking, "Honestly, could I just deal with one thing at a time??"

And finally, in kitten news... Sophie is bringing me great joy and lots of laughs. The first pic below was taken just after I discovered she'd not only snuck into my room when I accidentally left the door open but she'd also realised that the bed is the place to be. I just love her "oh crap - I've been busted!" look. The other pics are just because I like them.



Givinya De Elba said...

Flowers and Food sound great as a Church Office Visiting Rule.

I have played piano in worship teams for over half my life, but can't really hit the notes I want to with my VOICE, much less clap and sing at the same time. I feel I should be able to do better, but alas.

Good comment on "I want to praise you" - I think many songwriters get stuck a bit and need to resort to empty-headed cliches, not realising that some of us actually can THINK, and realise we're saying we want to do something and then fail to go ahead and do it.

How good was your line: "Okay... fire away then. Encourage me." Wish he'd learned a lesson from it.

Sophie is gorgeous.

Swift Jan said...

Great to hear from you Femina xx

Lilly said...

Now that kitten is just adorable!! Stuff gets in the way of everything doesnt it? Its good to have breaks from blogging from time to time anyway. Good to see you back though. You mentioned cupcakes and I have to go as now I am hungry....yes I am easily led....

Hippomanic Jen said...

Glad to know that things are settling down. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your music camp, and yes, agree with the getting around to praising thing.

Sophie is too cute.

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