Rhody Garden Take Two - same place, different season

On Tuesdays I see my counsellor in the mornings. Tuesday is also my day off, which means if I'm feeling a little fragile after counselling I have the rest of the day to be nice to myself and have some recovery time. It's a good system and works well for me.

Today was a fragile day. At one point my counsellor suggested a word to describe how I feel about the thing I was discussing and it was so exactly on the money it was like she jumped into my head, had a little look around and said, "Oh, right, I see... you feel like this." (Kind of spooky, actually, but probably more so for her than me... inside my head is a strange and scary place!) Anyway, I needed some time and space afterwards, so I headed up to the National Rhododendron Garden. I was the only person in the whole place - even the lady who takes the entrance fee wasn't there; there was just an optimistic note suggesting that people place a donation in the box provided. The gardens were quiet and peaceful and lonely and just what I needed. My soul was soothed and I left there reminded that God is good.



Swift Jan said...

God IS good isn't He!! So glad you were able to have such a soothing experience :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

Nature can be so soothing and refreshing. I'm glad you had the chance to take some time out there.

Lilly said...

Oh those images are wonderful and I think nature is where I feel closest to God. I love the sky. Looking upwards always makes me feel better and my issue smore miniscule.

You have a great eye for photography by the way. I could imagine those images on cards or on a calendar or framed.

Femina said...

Thanks Lilly. It was definitely a soul-soothing time (and I'm NOT the outdoorsy type so that's saying something).

Some of these images WILL be on cards soon, actually. I'm going out on the weekend to buy a decent paper cutter to replace the blunt Stanley knife I'm using currently, and then I'll be good to go.

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