"He's a faithful guy..." (an SMS exchange)

You know how sometimes people say really simple things but it's just what you need to hear?

Me: "I'm a bit over the counselling thing this week. When does it get easier? I've had 2 years non-stop of 'hard'..."

My friend: "It will get easier, it has to, but before you get to the good parts you have to go through the mire. Maybe. I'm no expert. But I know God and he's a faithful guy. He'll look after you."



Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

what a nice way to put it.
I was just reading last night about the ways that God speaks to us and how he uses friends and situations to guide is. I wonder....

Hippomanic Jen said...

I don't wonder at all.

I love the thought.

Crazy Sister said...

There's not much else to say, is there?

Good on God for giving you a friend like that!

Swift Jan said...

Friends like that are gems....

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