Six fluffy months

I was going to start this post by apologising that I'm writing about Sophie again, or by pointing out that if I had kids I'd probably post far more photos than this so really this is not so bad, or perhaps with a self-deprecating comment about being a Crazy Cat Lady... these things are probably true, but you know what? I just love my cat and I'm not going to apologise for it. I love her company; I love waking up in the morning and having cuddle time with a sleepy cat; I love laughing at her clumsiness as she falls off her scratching post; I love coming home to a little pocket rocket who shows her excitement at my arrival by running the IndyCat 5000 around the dining room and up and down the hallway... and I love taking photos of her.

So... today Sophie is six months old and in honour of her half-birthday I offer the following photographic timeline. I've posted many of these before so feel free to let your eyes glaze over.

This photo was taken by her breeder when she (Sophie) was 7 weeks old.

This is Sophie on her first day here (nearly 10 weeks) stretched out on the arm of the chair. She's actually lying on a handtowel there, not a towel. She's way too big to do that now!

I have come to learn that Sophie is an extremely curious cat who will come running towards any open door (front door... toilet... Tupperware cupboard... whatever), will climb in anywhere she can fit and will stick her face in everything.

Today, at six months, she's a lot bigger...

...but every bit as curious.

Yeah... I'm a Crazy Cat Lady, but I'm okay with it. :)


Swift Jan said...

She is such a pretty cat :)

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Sophie is sooo cute!

I don't think you can really qualify as a crazy cat lady until you have three or four cats - so you are safe for now ;)

Givinya De Elba said...

And she looks good in photos, which is somethiing that a few of us humans struggle with.

Hippomanic Jen said...

She is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. And I agree that you've got to have heaps of cats before you turn from proud parent of cute cat into Crazy Cat Lady.

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