I have reached a certain age

It's happened. I've reached an age where I looked at a particular product and thought, "Hmmm... there's a handy little item..."

The item? It was this:

Yep, I bought a "tv tray". Actually it's called the Table-Mate II. I have no idea how it differs from the Table-Mate I but I'm sure it's infinitely superior. I bought it so I can comfortably use my laptop whilst sitting on the lounge and it's great for that purpose. However... the pictures on the box are a little off-putting.

They all look a bit sad, don't they? One lonely little person, sitting there all alone on a HUGE lounge, eating a solitary meal or reading a book, using their handy tray table.

When I start eating TV dinners by the comforting blue glow of my television I'll know for sure that buying this table was the beginning of the end.


Swift Jan said...

I must admit, I too have looked at those tables & thought they would make a very useful purchase..

Rest assured. You are not alone :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

And here I thought I'd missed your birthday!

It does look useful - but I don't think the loneliness quotient would go down so much as the slightly-weird-and-very-sad-indeed quotient would go up by adding additional people to their photos.

Femina said...

November 12. You know... if anyone were wondering... :D

There were actually some pictures of couples on the couch, each with their dinner on their own table. Yep, it was weird.

Crazy Sister said...

Oh, you didn't!

Well for the love of God, decorate it somehow. Black lace and red velvet trimmings. Or brilliant flower power swirls. Or arty vinework, to make it look like a Grecian trellis.

Hee hee hee! With some padding, could you iron on it? Actually, that would be pretty handy...

Femina said...

Do they still sell Bedazzlers??

My mother irons sitting down sometimes. The ironing board is adjustable, after all.

Joce said...

call me up & I'll help you fill the couch... we both live Melbs, don't we?? I suffer the "lonelies" at times too... nothing whatsoever to do with age! but must be banished! I have TONS of friends xo xo 0412 254 666

Joce said...

PS but room for one more...

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