Just a whinge

Yesterday at church I was approached by someone who doesn't normally speak with me. I don't mean he ignores me, it's just that I'm at a big church and there are many people I don't get to see, and that's fine. This particular person is someone with whom I've had contact in the past so I thought it was nice that he came up for a chat. After a few minutes of chit chat and asking me how I am etc he said, "By the way, we have [an event] coming up and I really need people to help with the set up and cleaning up after it. I don't want to ask anyone with a family because they are too busy so I thought you could help."

Okay, this drives me wild for two reasons. Firstly, I hate being treated like I don't exist until someone wants something. It's downright insulting. Secondly, I resent the implication that single people and/or people without children are always available to drop everything and help with every event that comes up. This is NOT to say that people with kids aren't busy; what makes me angry is the belief that the rest of us have no life and no commitments.

So here's a tip I'll give you for nothing - if you ONLY speak to me when you want something, and treat me like I'm invisible the rest of the time, it's very unlikely I'll be inclined to help you. Further, don't make assumptions about my social life and other commitments. Given that you haven't bothered to give me the time of day up until now there's a very good chance that you know exactly nothing about my life.


Swift Jan said...

And a deserved whinge at that!

I agree, completely rude!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

that is very rude. what a silly man

Givinya De Elba said...

That was very well said. A very Deserved Whinge.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Would drive me nuts, too. Certainly a Well Deserved Whinge.

Eizelby said...

What atrocious behaviour!!

I hope you told him off. Your value is so much more than that in the Kingdom of God.

Femina said...

The thing is, he's actually a really nice guy and I'm sure he would have been completely confused by my annoyance, nor would I want to hurt him... which means I didn't even get the satisfaction of telling him to bugger off.

Not that I would do such a thing. Especially at church. No, no, not at all. Never. *ahem*

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