Healing words

Thank you all for your comments on my last post - both the comments on my blog and those that came to me via email.  I appreciate them more than I can adequately express.

I'm not sure I made it very clear that my last post was a positive one. Well, the background information was negative, but the fact that I'm feeling the tiniest shred of something that might one day become compassion towards myself is... okay, it sounds like not much but believe me it's a big deal, and a very positive step in the right direction.

But back to you all... you "faceless internet identities" who've never met me in real life. I'm a stranger to you, right? Why should you care? Why on earth would you be supportive? And yet you are NOT strangers to me, even though we have not met. You DO care and you ARE supportive - time and time again, and in wonderful ways that I could not have expected. You have become my friends and I am blessed.

So I'm taking your comments to me from posts in recent weeks (plus some from people who know me for real) and I'm writing them here as facts. I don't believe them all yet, and maybe I won't for a long time, but I am kept strong by the fact that you believe them.  My belief in myself is shaky but I am hanging on to your belief.  So here goes...

* I have an amazing way with words
* I am courageous, strong and vulnerable
* I am a great woman
* I have a strong faith
* I am part of the Body of Christ
* I am precious
* I am a woman of compassion
* I am loved by God
* I am God's creation
* I am special
* I am worthwhile...

Thank you, my friends. When I come to believe these things it will be, in part, because you believed them first and helped point me towards the truth.


Swift Jan said...

Can I add one...

YOou are enjoyable.... by that I mean. I enjoy reading your posts, and I am SURE if I had the chance, I would enjoy your company also. That means you are ABSOLUTELY worthwhile xoxo

Hippomanic Jen said...

Well, of course we don't all know you in the flesh, but that list sounds like something to hold onto. "I do believe: help me overcome my unbelief" as the father of a boy with an evil spirit said to Jesus. It is possible to do both at once. (sorry that sounds like a pastor, but the verse came into my head and I've just searched through all four gospels looking for it Mark 9:24, if you're interested.)

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