I am surrounded by talent

Wow, two posts in one evening. I am already practising my writing procrastination skills (by... errr... writing).

You know, I read a few blogs and have discovered quite a few more through other people's blogrolls. I love dipping into blogs that my other blog-friends read, partly because they are usually pretty good blogs and partly because it gives me an insight into the person who reads it. "Hmmm... so she regularly reads a blog about 18th century button collecting. Interesting."

Here's what I have discovered in my blog hopping: there are LOADS of talented, crafty people out there. A disproportionate amount - it feels like four out of five blogs are written by these crafty types. Are people who can sew/create somehow more likely to create a blog? Or is it that everyone else in the world apart from a dozen of us are tremendously talented and they kindly let the useless amongst us take up a quiet little corner of the blogosphere, way over here where we won't cause any damage?

Whatever the reason, I'm in awe. I can knit a little but most of it is pretty basic and I lose interest after a while so not a lot gets finished unless I'm knitting for someone else... and even then I generally only do baby stuff because it's easy and quick. My knitting, however, pales into insignificance when I read blogs where people are making clothes or quilts or bags or earrings or paintings or pendants or hats or... well, anything, really. What's even more amazing to me is that it's often people with three or four children who are making these things. Seriously, how on EARTH do they find the time?

Every time I read one of these blogs I think, "Right, that's it. I'm buying a sewing machine and I'm going to learn this sewing thing. I'll learn it, I'll love it and I'll blog about it. Yep, that's the plan."

Ten minutes later, I'm back to fixing my skirt hem with a bandaid...


Givinya De Elba said...

I was at Playgroup today with heaps of friends, all of whom sew, scrapbook or crochet.

They are all very nice and I have nothing in common with them.

But you - your knitting is so neat and perfect and awesome! I saw it for the first time today, and I am blown away! I will have to take a picture of Joseph wearing it tomorrow and do a THANKYOU FEMINA post about it!!!

Swift Jan said...

i love that you fix your hems with a bandaid!! hehe that's SO cool!!!

Scurrette said...

I can't help but quote Givinya...

*They are all very nice and I have nothing in common with them.*

Are you saying you aren't very nice???! Hahaha

As a mummy of 3 who loves to sew, my secret is.... Ignoring the children and hoping they go away.

AND... I saw some of that handiwork too - only online, but golly! Those knits are pretty clever. I have no patience for such things ;)

I guess that makes you talented too! hehe

Givinya De Elba said...

Ha ha, true!

Joy said...

Hey, had to come over and see who made the sweet baby outfit for baby deElba.
You can sew. Just don't the let the word "Simplicity" fool you when it comes to patterns. Not sure if you have that brand in Australia, but it draws me in a lot.
I'm taking my first crochet class in a couple of weeks. My friend at church makes prayer shaws and then the pastors at our church take them to shut-ins. So she's looking for recruits. I of course raised my hand. (there's a post about that on my blog) hehe.
Anyway, glad your creative and enjoy it. I have tons of supplies up stair, if only I would spend time doing any of it.


Femina said...

Swift Jan - I CAN actually sew up hems (I use a proper herringbone stitch and everything) but in an emergency, when I don't have a needle and thread handy, bandaids stick a lot better than sticky tape. In fact if you use waterproof bandaids they'll even stay on through a load of washing.

Uhh... I mean, that's what I've HEARD...

Hippomanic Jen said...

You write, paint and knit. You are talented. But I know what you mean about the sheer quantity of craft. I've made half a rockinghorse this year and painted a backdrop for a display. Others have made hundreds of dollars by their efforts. Not exactly equivalent.

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