It all makes sense now

This morning: 
Large hot chocolate and a raspberry/white chocolate muffin.

A bowl of hot chips with tomato sauce.

This afternoon:
Five 'fun size' Milky Way bars.

This evening:

My period started.

Ah. Mystery solved.


Scurrette said...


We are all built the same way huh?! I have had that very same diet on occaision...

Swift Jan said...

AHHH The joys! I can relate very well lol

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

I can relate to that - we must be in sync. I ate compound cooking chocolate tonight - I had nothing else in the house!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Yeah, and the wanting to kill people. Do you get the wanting to kill people hormones? I either get weepy or homicidal, then later that day I work out why. You'd think that the muffin, the greasy chips and the chocolate would tip me off.

Femina said...

Hahaha - you ladies are all awesome! Believe me, LDHBE, if there'd been any kind of cooking chocolate in the house it would not have been safe.

Hip-Jen, I don't get weepy so much as despondent and Cassandra-like, croaking about the meaninglessness of everything and how all plans are doomed. I haven't attempted to kill anyone this month but there WAS an episode of severe Photocopier Rage on Friday evening. I still think it was justified but in ... uhh... a differently-hormoned situation I may not have used the kind of language I did - ie, the kind that possibly shouldn't be heard in a church office. Perhaps I wouldn't have thrown things either. Who's to say?

Crazy Sister said...

Yep - dark chocolate and mayhem.

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