Birthday poem

A friend wrote me this poem for my birthday. It's not a hearts-and-flowers birthday poem; it's gritty and real and hopeful, and very insightful. I like it a lot.  He has asked to remain anonymous.

(For more information about the title of the poem, read here and here.)

Is there a chart for the scars of the past?
The house-bound monster longs for sacrifice.
Shall the fearful child be free at last?

The wisdom of your guide is unsurpassed,
But homeward, will the verbal thread suffice?
Is there an art for the scars of the past?

What now can break the fatal spell it cast?
Will sorrow grown familiar still entice?
Shall the anxious child be free at last?

Asleep you find the mutant child, the outcast,
Hidden in the centre of your strife.
Is this the start of the scars of the past?

The secret battle rages over the vast
Maze of memory, exacting its slow price.
Will the awkward child be free at last?

Returning, change the colours at the mast,
Celebrate the gift of unexpected life.
There is a balm for the scars of the heart.
May the hopeful child be free at last!


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh I like that a lot. Happy Birthday Femina. I didn't know it was your special day! I hope it was lovely, and that you were able to celebrate YOU.

Swift Jan said...

Thanks for sharing such a special gift with us... and again, happy birthday!

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