Don't even ask...

There's a convoluted explanation for how this memory reappeared in my head, so don't even bother asking. It's really not important. Just enjoy the story.

When I was in my first year of high school we had sex education/puberty lessons in health class. These days they do it earlier, since kids tend to develop earlier, but in those days it was first year of high school and there were plenty of kids who had no idea about any of this stuff so there were lots of questions. To combat embarrassment we were invited to write questions down and drop them in the question box, with the assurance that they'd all be answered the following week.

The next week rolled around and the teacher brought in the box of questions. She pulled out the first one and said, "I assume that this question was meant to say 'what happens if you are playing sport on the field and menstruation occurs?'.... but what this person wrote was 'what happens if you are playing sport on the field and masturbation occurs?'... [she paused briefly, then deadpanned]... and my answer to that is, I can only suggest you get off the sports field as quickly as possible!"


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh boy. Too funny. I wonder if she still remembers that.

Swift Jan said...

ROFL what a great story!!

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