Bummer - I just had an allergy test and my suspected shellfish allergy was confirmed. As were much milder allergies to rye grass and dust mites. Unfortunately, the allergist didn't feel that justified excusing me from all housework!

I shouldn't be disappointed, given that I've been avoiding most seafood for years, but still I am. I'd eaten shellfish on a couple of other occasions with no problem so I was hoping that it was just a freak reaction (the time I ended up in the emergency ward). Alas, no.

The good news, though, is that I can safely ignore the things that say "this product processed on machines that also process crustaceans". He said it's mostly a disclaimer, and even if I get a stray morsel of prawn or something it would be far too small to cause a reaction. Also I asked him about the common belief that every reaction gets worse with food allergies. He said that's rubbish! That is a big relief, given the severity of my last reaction.

On other fronts, I got to uni at 8am today and managed to get quite a lot of Latin study done before I left to see the allergist. If I can do that amount every day I should be feeling up to date by the time classes start next week.

And by the way, I'm feeling much happier and more normal today!


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