It's a weird feeling to be going 'home' (ie, interstate, where I live currently) after being 'home' (staying with my sister and then with my mum and dad) for a couple of months. Even my home interstate is not a real home, since I am merely boarding with someone while I study. I have a minimal amount of my possessions there while the rest are in storage.

When I visit here I spend time at my home church - although that doesn't feel quite like my home church now since many people have moved on and there are other new faces. Similarly, my 'new' church doesn't feel quite like home either since I have fewer friends and I don't have a history with these people.

All of these things have led to me feeling quite displaced and not really comfortable or 'at home' anywhere. I guess in a way that's only natural - the Bible says our true home is in heaven and we are aliens and strangers in this world. The past couple of years have made me much more aware of what that means... that can only be a good thing, really. Being too comfortable in this world will make me want to hang on to it even harder, and not think about heaven. So, perhaps I need to stop moaning about not having a home and embrace it as a living reminder that my home is with God in heaven.


bornagain said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your blog. Praise the Lord!

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