I had dinner with my best friend tonight. Boy, I'd forgotten how much I miss her. She prays for me and with me, she pushes me to be a faithful and godly Christian... and at the same time she's happy to loll about with me in the loungeroom and talk about nothing at all. Time spent with her is easy and comfortable, no matter what we're discussing or how deep the conversation gets. I miss the ease of our friendship; I crave her wisdom and advice; I regret not being able to develop a proper relationship with her kids; and I miss being able to pop in for 15 minutes for a quick cuppa and chat. I have friends where I live now - good, loving friendships with excellent people - but no friendship like this one.

Still, it's good to know that when we are together things are just as they were. The foundation of our relationship is Jesus and that makes a big difference. Also it's good to know that we have eternity to be friends, even when distance and time get in the way here on earth.


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