Home again

Well, here I am at home after two months staying with my family. It's rather strange... I feel like I never left and my time with the family was a dream. But then when I'm interstate with my family and friends I seem to slot right in and feel like everything HERE was a dream. I suppose it's good that I can easily pick up where I left off but it also makes me feel like I'm living two half-lives.

Uni starts again in a week and I'm not prepared. I have lots of catch-up study to do this week, in between a couple of appointments. Potentially this is my last year if I don't do Honours and I don't want to ruin a great run by being disorganised and lazy.

I still haven't decided which Bible study I'll attend this year. I am considering doing an evening course at the PTC, just to meet other Christians. My study load is pretty big though... but I suppose I could audit the course; then I wouldn't have to worry about assignments and exams.


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