Good sermon tonight on the last chapter or so of Galatians. In particular, the preacher talked about the importance of unity within the church. It was especially relevant as some elders within our denomination have just been excommunicated. His point was that there is Biblical authority for it but only at the end of a long process and only for things that are clearly unBiblical (and in this particular case the excommunication was entirely appropriate). In all other circumstances we should strive to love and support each other; in emotional and practical ways.

It has made me think about the way I support people. It's all very well to say "I'll pray for you" - and important to do it - but it's also important to do the mundane jobs like cleaning a friend's bathroom when they're not able to do it. These things should be an addition to prayer, not a replacement.

(Also, of course, I need to stop whinging that the people at this church are unloving and stand-offish, and just get on with loving them regardless...)


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