Grown up

Being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be. Right now I need to find a part time job so I can stay at uni... but I can't work too many hours or it will affect my Austudy payments to the point where it's self-defeating. Also, I don't want to work too many hours because I will have less time to study - and what is the point of working to stay at uni if it means I barely pass because I don't have time to do reading and research assignments?

It's enormously depressing, I must say. I know I should trust that God will work it out but frankly, I just want Him to work it out MY way. It's not so much trust as a poor attempt at bullying on my part! Or begging. Really, though, I know that whatever happens is in God's hands and I guess He doesn't mind whether I'm an uni or working or doing both, so long as I am a faithful witness of Jesus; and my relationship with God doesn't suffer. Anything else is just padding... I can be a faithful Christian at work or at uni or while unemployed and living on the street or whatever/wherever.


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