Ripped-off joke #2

An inflatable boy wakes up in a foul mood. He goes to his inflatable school and immediately misbehaves in class. When the inflatable Principal attempts to discipline him, the inflatable boy whips out a knife and stabs him. Panicked at what he has done, he runs off, stabbing aimlessly at his inflatable school on the way out.

The police chase the inflatable boy and eventually surround him. Seeing no other option available to him, the inflatable boy stabs himself, and slowly slips into unconsciousness.

Some time later, the inflatable boy wakes up in a hospital bed. Sitting by the side of the bed is his weary and deflated Principal. The Principal shakes his head sadly and says, "Son.... you've let me down, you've let the school down, but worst of all you've let yourself down...."


Anonymous said...

corny, yes... but i don't think i've heard this particular version before... ;)

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