Hectic life and a new friend

I've been so busy with uni work lately I've barely had time to think about blogging, let alone actually do it. At the moment I'm studying for two exams (Greek and Latin), working with two other women on a seminar presentation which will probably be about ancient Greek views of the hero and how women were a threat to this, and I was going to write an essay about Romeo and Juliet, but I think I'll put that on hold for a couple of weeks and write about Macbeth instead. Anyway, it's been pretty hectic and more than a little stressful but I'm riding with it for now.

On a more positive note, I met a new friend through a forum I visit semi-regularly. She is a Christian from (and living in) America and obviously we've never met but we've exchanged a few e-mails and have been having some great conversations. It's so wonderful to meet new people and feel an instant bond because we have Jesus in common. So hello to you, my friend, if you're reading this!


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