Saved at the eleventh hour

Wow, talk about cutting it fine. There has been a distinct possibility that I might have to leave uni and go back to full time work - financial reasons, of course. I've been applying for jobs but I was still on a really tight deadline because if I left uni I needed to arrange it before census date to ensure that I wasn't financially penalised or left with a permanent 'discontinued' on my academic record.

My deadline was this Friday (leaving me a week to organise an intermission with the uni) and I was getting very panicky. Last night a friend rang me and said, "My wife and I have been thinking about getting a cleaner... we sort of hate to ask you, but do you think you might be interested? We'll pay you $50 for 2 hours per week." I can understand why they hesitated to ask me but I don't think they realise they're doing me a huge huge favour. HUGE. It's only $50 to them but to me it's the difference between staying at uni or being forced to leave. My goodness, I'm so relieved.


Anonymous said...

wow! what an answer to prayer... i hope things continue to go well with you, or at least continue to improve.

i've told that inflatable boy joke almost every day since i read it... and it never gets any less funny!


femina said...

I laughed aloud the first time I heard it (years ago) and it still makes me giggle. Either it's a great joke or I'm just weird. Potentially both...

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