I got the job - calloo callay!! I start tomorrow and shall be working 15 hours per week, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays although it's flexible if I have exams or assignments or whatever. Given that I've been looking for a job since last October, I'm pretty happy. The pay is $15ph which isn't huge but is about average for a casual job (and certainly enough to make a big difference to me). He wants someone who will be around for a couple of years so if I do post-grad it will be perfect for me. If I want to go to the bathroom or make a cup of tea I have to put on a safety vest and wend my way between forklift trucks, so that should add some excitement to my days...


adam said...

praise the Lord!

does this mean you can come to camp now? :)

femina said...

Probably not, as uni is pretty full-on (due to a cancellation today, I now have three seminar papers to deliver next Thursday) and I may not be able to leave the library... if only there was a cafe attached to it... and maybe some camp beds for a nap. I've forgotten the dates of the camp - was it Sept 9 & 10?

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