I applied for a job on the weekend (admin, two days per week). The advertiser said he required someone with anal retentive qualities - I thought, "this is perfect for me!" His application included several questions to be answered, one of which was, "Describe how you arrange your cutlery drawer at home." (Actually he wrote 'draw' but I tried not to get too stressed about that...) That question made my housemate decide the job is perfect for me - or I'm perfect for the job - because the way I tidy the cutlery drawer drives her nuts.

I answered all the questions and included some extra information, like the fact that my books, CDs and DVDs are in alphabetical order, with the DVDs catalogued on a spreadsheet. The guy wrote back and said my admission about cataloguing my DVDs puts me at the head of the queue! Now I'm just waiting for him to confirm when he wants to interview me. I do so hope I get the job... and I hope that our anal retentiveness is similar and not in opposition.

And in other news... I went to a new church on Sunday morning. Not my usual denomination but I didn't pick up any heresy - not that I expected it. Time will tell whether it's where I want to stay. A couple of people were friendly but they usually are friendly on the first visit... the test is whether they're still friendly in 3 months. Anyway for the moment I think I'll go to this church in the morning and my 'regular' church in the evening and work out where I want to stay.


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